Coinkarts is a simple and affordable platform through which you can invest in various popular cryptocurrencies and reap the financial rewards it has in its offering. Since the advent of WWW or the World Wide Web in 1991, our world is shrinking in terms of connectivity, communication and accessibility. Technology has now become an integral part of our daily lives and at Coinkarts, our team is trying to open up the opportunities that crypto technology has in its offering to a wider audience.
There are three methods with which you can join our team at Coinkarts:
1. Sing-Up
Simply sign-up and verify yourself and become a Coinkarts user.
2. Refer-by
You can use our Refer-by method to invite others to join Coinkarts. The Refer-by method is available only for existing Coinkarts users.
Send a Refer-by link to all the investors you wish to on-board with us at Coinkarts and create your own Member Tree. This Member Tree will follow a pyramid structure, in which every member can easily on-board other interested members.
3. PIN Management
The PIN Management method is one of the most unique means with which you can easily on-board any new member at Coinkarts.
For the purpose of inviting a member to join your team you can create an E-Pin request. Once such an E-Pin is generated you can directly share it with any other existing user and transact business easily and efficiently.
Please keep in mind that every single E-Pin is valid only for 30 days and once the validity of such an E-Pin expires, any Payout associated with it will also lapse.
All the information regarding any E-Pin that is generated by a user can be seen in the E-Pin Management section present on your dashboard.
Yes, you can trade in various Cryptocurrencies at Coinkarts.
As a user when you want to sell a desired product, you will have to create a Sell Request and when an interested Buyer responds, he/she can approve for the transaction to take place.
Documents needed for the purpose of registration at Coinkarts:
  1. PAN Card
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Bank Account Details
  4. UPI ID
By successfully verifying your identity as a user, you can enable various features in your Coinkarts account. Other legal obligations such as KYC is required by us to know more about the client’s identity before allowing them to use our services.

At Coinkarts we have a 2-level Verification procedure to ensure security and confidentiality of your personal data.

In Level-1 you are required to verify your Registered Mobile Number and E-mail Id; and

The Level-2 verification procedure consists of uploading your KYC details such as your Bank Account Details, UPI ID, PAN Card & Aadhar Card.

Uploading the PAN Card and Aadhar Card details is mandatory whereas the UPI ID information is optional.

It is mandatory to complete all the KYC formalities in order to receive any Pay-out against your investments.

Yes, you can invest without verifying yourself but for the purpose of receiving a Pay-out you will have to complete the verification process. The registration and the verification process itself is quick and easy.
It may take 24 – 72 business hours to verify the KYC details post uploading all the documents & required information.

Yes, you can register and also invest at Coinkarts even though you don’t have a PAN Card. But for the purpose of receiving any Pay-out linked to your account, we require you to complete our verification and other KYC formalities. Until such formalities are complete, it won’t be possible for you to receive any Pay-out against your investment.

Hence we recommended you to obtain a PAN Card first. You can also apply for a PAN card online.

Yes, as a self-regulatory requirement for us to know the sender and recipient of any transaction we recommended you to complete all KYC formalities. Any KYC or AML activity protects the user from illegal activities as well.
Yes, we levy following chargers on your withdrawals:
1. .5% when withdrawal is via your Mobile Wallet
2. 1% when withdrawal is via the Wallet Address
You can withdraw the Pay-out against your investments by two means:
  1. From your Mobile Wallet, you will be charged a nominal fee of 2% for the purpose of withdrawal and by requesting a withdrawal via your Mobile Wallet you will receive your Pay-out instantaneously without any time lag.
  2. From your Wallet Address, again a nominal fee of 1% will be charged for the purpose of withdrawal but the entire process will take approximately 3-4 business days to complete.
Simply click on the “Forgot Password” button present in the login screen and enter your registered e-mail id. An e-mail with a password reset link will be sent on your registered e-mail id by our team. Follow this link and reset your password.
Yes, you can change or update your e-mail account in Coinkarts. Just submit a request to our team with the following information:
  1. Registered e-mail address that you want to change or update
  2. The wallet address which is registered in your account
  3. A photo identity card
  4. Your new e-mail address

Please provide only high-resolution photos and scans.

No you cannot use your e-mail ID as your registered user ID at Coinkarts. After completing the registration process, every single user at Coinkarts is provided with a Numeric User Name. This Numeric User Name is unique for every single user at Coinkarts.
You can use an E-Pin generated in three different ways:
  1. You can create a unique E-Pin for every single product available on Coinkarts and use this E-Pin to directly transact business with other user at Coinkarts.
  2. You can directly on-board a new user at Coinkarts with the aid of an E-Pin.
  3. You can also use an E-Pin to either Top-up your account or to initiate a Transfer to any other existing user directly.
The Payout tab present on your dashboard will provide you all the information regarding your investments, invoicing and Payout details.
You can easily invest in Bitcoins at Coinkarts but the return-on-investment and Payout is always in terms of Ethereum.
For any queries you can get in touch with us either by:
  1. E-mailing us at info@coinkarts.com
  2. By filling up the Contact Form available in the Contacts page of our website Coinkarts.com